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Hi, I’m Matthew! My job as a coach is to ask the right questions of you. You have the answers inside you, however so often you have never been able to ask them of yourself! Que, Coach Matthew

My Story

At the age of 14 discovered that dyslexia runs in the family on the male side, and yes I did let it affect my final years at school, got the best results from school that I could, with the teaching that I had been shown, I think the best grade was a D for GCSE’s for me back then.

Went to work for a reprographics company in Kings Cross at the age of 16, and they say it’s the people around you that means you become the person you are. I still have some very dear friends that I worked with back then, that are still friends to this day. Some have passed on and gone to better places as well.

In 2003 went on to set up the first company in the UK after going self-employed around 2002. Have not looked back since then, being your own person and owning your own company makes so much more sense than the ‘go and do a nine to five job which you will have for life’.

go and do a nine to five job which you will have for life

It’s also around the same time that discovered a network marketing company called Telecom Plus (Utility Warehouse) and so started the route of self-learning as better to becoming the best me that I can be, to serve and help others.

That team today still is growing, over 1200 team members and over 28,000 services used every single month.

Bali (April 2015), taking some time out before returning to the UK to crew at a Tony Robbins event and the Utility Warehouse annual event, then off to travel the world. I remember reading a while ago ‘Awaken the GIANT within‘ back when I first started working in partnership with UWDC as an independent distributor (2003).

May I introduce you to a gentleman that over the last two years has had a massive impact on my life through his teaching and through his coaches that are trained through is coaching program, Tony Robbins.

How did I discover Mr. Tony Robbins again?

In 2013 with a team of four where training for an epic 50 mile walk in 24 hours to help raise money for charity, two of the team went off to see Tony Robbins at his European tour at UPW (Unleash the power within), which is held once a year in London (United Kingdom). After seeing the effect UPW had on both Robyn and Kent I knew I had to connect and see what this was all about again.

So I spoke to the team at Tony Robbins and managed to get myself into a one to one coaching program with a coach called Tara (fantastic coach). Then in March 2014 also attended the UPW for that year in London. WOW, it’s life changing have to say, and all the time still having coaching going on as well. Also joined the YES Group which is a group of people that get together once a month in London that understand what Tony Robbins teaches.

Then March 2015, in Amed, Bali, discovered that I needed to travel the world and see other cultures and find other places around the world that I could work. At the end of the month, I return to the UK for 10 days as will be helping out at this years UPW event!

So for playing a massive part in my life Tony Robbins I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for all the people that have also helped as well.

Robyn, Kent, Tara, Marc, Scott, Doll, Charles, Debbie, Trevor, Rricardo, Alonzo and family, and friends too.

My Values & Beliefs

Treat Everything As You Would Want to Be

What do I mean? I believe that you should treat everything, be that a fellow human being, an animal, nature, the air that we breathe with respect and how we would want to be treated in our lives.

Every Day is An Adventure

Totally believe that every day is an Adventure, we just have to see it that way! I know I do from the moment I get up in the morning, even have a sign on the door that says, Adventure This Way, pointing out the door.

Love & Gratitude Win Every Time

Love and gratitude win every single time, you just have to allow them to win you over. Personally I learnt this at the age of 38, so it took me a while but I did!

My Approach

By asking you the right questions at the right time for you, we move you forward in whatever area you want to. My intuition is very powerful and will follow it when it comes to finding out what is going on with you in your life.

Often people come to me and say can you help me with this in my life? Truthfully, it’s not what they need help with. It’s only through engaging with a client that you truly get to know what they are looking to achieve and to have in their lives.

I don’t work with everyone, as some people do not want to be coached or helped because it’s not right for them right now! That is fine, I totally get it, it must be right for you!

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